ActiveMQ Custom Security Plugins

With this post i’m starting a short series of articles on creating custom security plugin’s for ActiveMQ server (probably the most flexible MOM/messaging solution around; imho).


To get a quick overview of how powerful ActiveMQ plugin API really is, let’s start with some basic background information:

  • The flexibility of ActiveMQ plugin API comes from the BrokerFilter class
  • BrokerFilter class provides the ability to intercept many of the available broker-level operations, such as:
    • adding consumers to the broker
    • adding producers to the broker
    • committing transactions in the broker
    • adding connections to the broker
    • removing connections from the broker
  • Custom functionality can be added by extending the BrokerFilter class and overriding a method for a given operation


Using the ActiveMQ plugins API is one way to approach broker security; used often for requirements (security, among others) that can’t be met using either:

  • ActiveMQ’s native Simple Authentication Plugin (which handles credentials directly in XML configuration file or in a properties file)
  • JAAS-based pluggable security modules (JAAS stands for Java Authentication and Authorization Service). What is worth mention is that ActiveMQ comes with JAAS-based implementations of some modules that can authenticate users using properties files, LDAP, and SSL certificates; which will be enough for many use cases.


OK, having said the above, let’s move on and study following example implementations:





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